Joy Garvey, PLLC
Joy Garvey, PLLC
Joy Garvey, PLLC

A Valuable Ally In A Time Of Need

In a family’s time of need, an estate administration lawyer is a valuable ally. I am attorney Joy Garvey in Phoenix, and I am well-prepared to help bridge the gap between your loved one’s estate plan and administration of the testamentary documents such as the will or trust.

Was There A Will? It’s A Necessary First Question.

When a deceased person had a will, probate will be part of the administration of his or her estate. An intestate estate administration settles an estate when there is no will — otherwise known as intestate succession. Additional steps will be necessary to complete the requirements of intestate succession.

A complete estate plan may include a will, power of attorney, a health care directive and other essential documents. These documents can provide peace of mind both in life and after a death in the family, but an attorney’s guidance is helpful and necessary in nearly all cases.

My Arizona Law Firm Can Help Your Family Settle An Estate After The Passing Of a Loved One

No matter how well-constructed an estate plan is, the death of a loved one is emotionally difficult in most families. Effective, personalized guidance through the probate process can keep a family financially on track during what is normally a time of sadness.

Joy Garvey, PLLC, provides guidance through the probate process and related issues such as transferring real estate titles. I am attorney Joy Garvey and I welcome the opportunity to explain how I can help you and your family after a death in the family.

My Other Business Can Help You Divest Of A House

If you need to sell a home as part of settling the estate, I can purchase the home through my other business, Renewed Life Property Solutions, LLC. This business complements my estate administration practice for many clients. I will gladly explain how I can help your family prepare to sell a home to settle an estate, whether or not you take advantage of the services of Renewed Life Property Solutions, LLC.

When Special Challenges Arise During Estate Administration

Perhaps you face special challenges such as a will contest, business complications or real estate-related matters. I thrive on helping clients solve problems. I am confident that together, we can devise and implement strategies suitable to any legal matter you must resolve. Schedule a consultation by calling 602-842-0260, or inquiring online.