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I Can Help You Plan Or Administer An Estate In Arizona

Estate planning is a fundamental aspect of long-term financial planning. Just as an entrepreneur needs to envision the ultimate goal when starting a new business, a responsible individual or couple needs to plan for the care of their minor children and passing on of assets someday.

Individuals who proactively design their legacies, including designation of beneficiaries enjoy peace of mind while preventing future hardships for family members. I am estate planning lawyer Joy Garvey, and I welcome the opportunity to discuss your estate planning needs, including:

  • A will
  • One or more trusts
  • Powers of attorney
  • A health care directive

My estate planning clients are from all walks of life and all stages of life. I particularly enjoy working with elderly people and often travel to Sun City and other communities outside of Phoenix to help older people put workable estate plans in place.

Additional Related Services Complementing Estate Planning

For many people, the passing of a loved one includes solving practical problems such as how to sell a longtime family home. At Joy Garvey, PLLC, we help clients unload the burden of an unwanted or distressed property through a residential redevelopment company, Renewed Life Property Solutions, LLC.

Estate Administration — The Other Side Of The Coin

It is rewarding to work with families both before and after administration of an estate or trust becomes necessary. I particularly welcome inquiries from out-of-state family members dealing with the aftermath of a family member’s death in Arizona.

Whether I created your loved one’s will or not, I am prepared to help you through the probate and trust administration process efficiently and cost-effectively. Many of our clients reside out of state, from Alaska to Hawaii, Iowa to Texas and Virginia to Washington. They have been able to rely on and trust us to help them through probate, trust administration and even financial exploitation claims.

Meeting You Matters To Me As Much As Meeting Your Legal Needs

I like people. In the areas of estate planning and administration, I realize the long-term value of my legal services. If you work with me, you can expect clear communication and an overall helpful approach. Whatever special situations you face, I am prepared to tackle them with you.

To schedule a consultation about estate planning or estate administration in Arizona, call 602-842-0260 or send an email inquiry for a prompt response.