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Taking Legal Action Through Litigation Or Similar Means

If you are facing a legal conflict such as a landlord-tenant dispute, a call for justice over financial exploitation of an elderly family member, Joy Garvey, PLLC, in Phoenix, Arizona, can be the source of advocacy you are looking for.

I am attorney Joy Garvey and I am available to review the facts of your case and devise an effective strategy for resolving your legal matter. My creative problem-solving abilities complement my determination to meet my clients' needs.

Ready To Tackle Your Legal Matter

Many people facing unusual legal issues have been attracted to my law firm. I have handled unique scenarios involving unusual set of facts — and in the process, many clients have become like family to me. I know how to fight and at the same time, I truly care about my clients. I consider clients to be team members, and on their behalf, I work hard to deliver precisely what each one needs to move forward.

What Is Your Challenge?

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Whatever your legal issue, I am prepared to help you resolve it through negotiations, mediation, damage claims, court processes or lawsuits. I will consult with appropriate experts as needed. If your case requires special skills falling outside the scope of this law practice, I will collaborate with other lawyers and/or refer your case to another firm altogether if this is in your best interest.

My Goal Is Your Long-Term Interest

I am prepared to engage and pursue the right answers for your case. I want to prepare you to move on with your life in a stronger position than you were in before contacting me. To schedule a consultation, call 602-842-0260 or send an email inquiry through this website.

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