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Estate Planning And Administration
Wills, powers of attorney, probate and more
Financial Exploitation Of Vulnerable Adults
Fraud, coercion, undue influence and more
General Litigation
Landlord-tenant disputes, real estate litigation and more

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As the founder and practicing attorney of this Arizona law firm, I enjoy introducing myself and the practice to potential clients. I am attorney Joy Garvey and I welcome the opportunity to learn about your legal concerns that brought you to this website. In turn, I will gladly share how I can help you reach for your goal with confidence.

Once you get to know me, you will understand the nature of my drive to succeed in collaboration with others. You will also realize that to me, a team is a family. Working with clients is like bringing people into a family or a team. Faith in God also moves to me to serve others, including my clients, through my attentiveness, skills and hard work.

As a lawyer, as a family member, as a member of any team and a member of my community, I am passionate and take personally every endeavor in my life. Advising and representing clients of Joy Garvey, PLLC, is not simply a job or a profession for me. It is a calling and a privilege.

Estate Planning Is About Life

Some people put off estate planning to avoid thinking about the end of life. My personal background has given me a clear understanding that in fact, estate planning is about living. Although my father sadly passed away when I was only 19 years old, my family was fortunate that he and my mother had a solid estate plan in place. Thanks to their careful planning, we were able to continue the family business and stay in our home.

All four of us children were able to go to college and achieve productive careers through the provisions of my father’s estate plan — the crowning jewel of his lifetime of financial planning. Losing a parent at a young age was not easy but we saw the way to a bright future, thanks to his estate plan.

I was soon motivated to go to law school to equip myself to help others meet their own generation transitions. Through my law practice, I aim to pass on to others the tools and knowledge that can make a lifelong difference. My passion comes from my awareness that estate planning enables families and individuals at all income levels to build thoughtful legacies.

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At my Phoenix law firm, you can expect attentive consideration of any civil law matter of concern to you. I can help you fight back when financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult has touched your family. I can help you bring or contest a lawsuit on landlord-tenant issues or other legal challenges. Call 602-842-0260 or complete an online intake form to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.